It’s time to soar

Back in 2017, founders Jonathon Dyson and James Tetlow were discussing how many investors were underestimating the task of running a clean energy asset. So, it was undoubtedly helpful that only weeks later Jonathon began advising on how to mobilise the control room of the now-famous SA Tesla big battery with Neoen from scratch.

James and Jonathon realised that between them they had the market leading experience to help manage what seems complex and uncontrollable, and – as Overwatch Energy – set out to ensure clean energy investments succeed.

Overwatch started to oversee the operation of its first set of wind farms in December 2019. In just a year this has grown to 13 wind and solar farms totalling over 1700MW.

Overwatch Energy runs a 24/7 Australian based operations centre and is working with assets across the NEM to bid, trade and manage their day to day financial and regulatory risks. James Fuller runs operations and as Overwatch’s remit continues to grow, the team continues to expand.

As we enter our second year, the growth of renewable assets means the NEM has never been a more challenging place to operate assets and meet your investment returns. However, Overwatch Energy is perfectly positioned to lead the way for owners who are serious about their future.

Join the new breed of asset owners successfully taming the NEM.

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