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Semi-scheduled wind and solar and scheduled batteries must follow their dispatch targets. Deviations are caused by many different things but if not resolved quickly they can attract fines, high FCAS costs or at worst, total loss of revenue through disconnection. In this example, a SCADA reconfiguration on a large wind farm went wrong, causing AEMO to not receive wind condition information for the site.


Failures are unpredictable so output must be monitored 24x7x365 and because the power system is complex it is impossible to proceduralise everything. You need people with experience and expertise to catch problems and act intelligently. Auto-bidding software does only what it says – it submits a bid, so is blind to many errors and no help in fault-finding with AEMO. If missed or handled by inexperienced staff, this farm would have been switched off for many days.


Seeing the unusual dispatch outcomes the Overwatch Energy Operations Controller worked with the site team, the NSP and AEMO to isolate the root cause whilst also trying to contact the client – who was busy with their day-to-day activities.

The fix AEMO initially proposed would take 5 days and lead to zero generation in the meantime. Not content with that, the Overwatch Energy team used their experience to work with AEMO through the afternoon to create a temporary fix and keep the farm generating.  By the time the client finished their meetings and took the call, the temporary fix was being tested and remained in place for several days.


The wind farm stayed operating over the weekend and beyond – until the permanent fix was implemented. This saved the client over $150,000 and they avoided a red flag for conformance. The client also continued their meetings – so no loss of value to their other business activities. The client was so pleased that they sent the Operations Controller and Duty Manager a hamper of food and wine.

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