The challenge

Four challenges facing power station owners


The National Electricity Rules or NER require plant owners to have 24×7 communications with the market operator AEMO and 24×7 control of their plant – even a solar farm. And those staff must be competent and experienced enough to work quickly and effectively with AEMO. All plant must also follow dispatch targets and if material deviations are not corrected in minutes, then costs will accrue and penalties may apply.

Being a power plant owner comes with significant obligations. Let the experience and capability of Overwatch Energy help you comply.


Many new entrants have not met their expected investment returns. Some may blame “the market” but you can improve many aspects of revenue and cost if you know where to look. Squeezing 1 or 2 per cent out of inverters or turbines is important, but these gains can be dwarfed by improving how your whole asset performs the other side of the sub-station – in the market. We know where to look for these gains.

Key drivers on your revenue and your cost are often on the market side of the substation; let Overwatch Energy help you find these opportunities.


The NEM is a complex blend of physics, market forces and rules. The physics remains reassuringly constant but as we decarbonise, operational norms and rules are changing rapidly. As specialists in NEM Operations we live and breathe this complexity and the changes and translate their impacts for our clients. Whether it is constraint equations, bidding automation, FCAS calculations or self-forecasting, we strive to make these complex issues simple for our clients.

The NEM is complex and changing rapidly, you need the experience of Overwatch Energy to help you navigate a successful way through.


Creating and maintaining a 24x7x365 roster of people who are experienced in Australian power station operations to monitor your assets and manage issues within minutes, is a massive undertaking. Even for a mid-sized portfolio it makes little commercial sense to attempt this in-house. Thankfully Overwatch can provide you with that capability and remove the risks for a fraction of what it would cost you.

You don’t need to pay for a control room to get a control room. Overwatch Energy gives you cost-effective 24×7×365 power sector expertise.

The solution

Overwatch Energy Experience

Overwatch Energy supports clients of grid-connected solar, wind and storage assets, from utility through to VPP scale.  How we help depends on the stage of your project.


We guide clients through the complex stages of developing a project – but we focus specifically on how to achieve successful operations.

NEM Operations

When your project is energised we provide 24x7x365 NEM Operations to ensure you are compliant and have the best chance of commercial success.

Overwatch Energy Clients

Overwatch Energy Clients